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RCG sues District Millworks... Click here to read lawsuit
For a truly interesting read, click here for the Sworn Depositions of Jeremy Williams and Zwan Preston... more entertaining than any TV Show you'll see!!!
2/04/14- UPDATE - RCG receives judgement against District Millworks... Next hearing in July with more to come!!!
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Please click on the arrow above to view our 1 Minute 50 second video entitled "A Tree Can Live Forever™".
It tells a nice story about the material and you might even find it touching.
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Reclaimed Wood Materials
American MAAD ( Materials AssemblyAnd Design)
Resource Conservation Group, LLC now has 2 divisions...
Reclaimed Wood Materials handles all of our reclaimed lumber and flooring.
American MAAD handles finished products made in the US.
The links above will take you to those divisions.